26 July – 13 August 2005: Organon


Leanne Baker, Heather Clugston + Annemarie Schweitzer

Gallery 3

Installation artists Baker, Clugston and Schweitzer respond to the environment of Gallery 3 at red.  It is a site-specific transformation of the space where organic forms replicate and grow.  These ethereal forms consume the gallery, suggesting other possibilities that a space could be.   The use of old and abandoned materials within the installation invites the notion of rebirth and regeneration.  It’s old versus new where the old recreates a new space.

 The three artists utilise a variety of discarded and waste materials.  The process of material manipulation is highly evident in their work. Synthetic materials create an elaborate hoax, masquerading as natural forms, mimicking natural growths.  Organon is the fine art of deception, emphasising a discourse between the real and the artificial.   

 Baker, Clugston and Schweitzer are recent graduates from the Victorian College of the Arts.  They have found strength in their collaborative practise.  Together they have extended and grown their work beyond an individuals limitations.