26 July – 13 August 2005: Fiona Halse


Gallery 2

Fiona Halse takes Klee’s line for a walk. She displays the versatility and expressiveness of line through her of small oval paintings and  mixed media works on paper.

Several of the oval paintings were selected for the annual Mary Place Gallery Exhibition in 2004 of six young artists (Sydney). There is also an array of recent drawings and mixed media works which display a break in style from the small contained oval format to a calligraphic open compositions in the recent works on paper.

The exhibition has a golden hue. The ovals have a Early Renaissance Icon feel and the long drawings have a similar suspension in form  as Japanese Screens.  Both often have an ochre mid-tone.

The work is found and discovered in a direct manner, the process of drawing is important in these works.  The oval paintings are reworked in  the fast drying acrylic and the drawings have a sense of re-assessment , collage, re-cut and redrawn aspect to them. All works search for harmony and rhythm in form and colour.  Line traces that search.

Every line says “ Here I am!” each holds its own, reveals its own eloquent features and whispers “Listen to my secret!” (Kandinsky)

Fiona Halse, born in 1974 and graduated from Monash University 1996. She has received The Ella Donald Scholarship and Ian Potter Grant. She was selected for the MPRG National Works on Paper and Sotheby’s Taste in Art Auction. More recently she was selected from artists in  Australia and New Zealand to be in the annual Mary Place Gallery Young Artists Exhibition 2004 and she was selected for the Prometheus Art Award 2005. She has also been awarded a support stipend residency at Can Serrat International Art Centre, Spain 2006.