25 July – 12 August 2006: Tania Virgona – Bodytide


Gallery 3

Bodytide is a quirky collection of small scale drawings. Through graphite and pigment, Virgona explores the sensation of water and its metaphoric connotations in relation to the subconscious. Virgona describes in a visual language the unseen elements that surround the human experience.

Through the process of relinquishing control of the mind and suspending aesthetic judgment, Virgona drops into the mode of automated drawing. The result is a fluid collection of blue drawings where people morph into fish and fish to leaves and leaves to water, water to trees and trees to people.

Virgona extends the traditional notion of drawing. As well as the application of graphite and water colour: piercing, tearing, cutting, sewing and wetting the surface carry equal importance in the mark making process. The paper becomes an object as much as a surface for drawing upon.

Virgona completed postgraduate studies at RMIT in 2001. Since then she has been involved in several public art projects throughout Victoria. She has recently returned to further her studies at La Trobe University. This is her first solo exhibition at red gallery.