25 July – 12 August 2006: Louisa Jenkinson + Josie Fagan – The Transient Fissure

Gallery 2

The transient fissure is a glimpse into a temporary space. A brief interlude from the impositions of reality, The transient fissure lures the viewer with a seductive offer of the bizarre.

Through the medium of drawing Fagan and Jenkinson offer the contents of a different space.  The constraints of universal axioms have been abandoned and each artist has found an alternative rule.


Louisa Jenkinson

Jenkinson’s large scale charcoal drawings offer the ludicrous and unexpected. Lemurs coerce zebras, ocelots teach goldfish and leopards ride alligators while a chimp plays “bitch slappin’ rabbits”.


Josie Fagan

 Fagan has found a built environment in a virtual world. Artificial constructions have been discovered and reconstructed using graphite and charcoal. The result is an ethereal synthesis of light and potential form.

Fagan completed an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Design and Interactive Media at RMIT in 2002. Jenkinson completed a Masters of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2002. Since then she has exhibited extensively in Melbourne in group and solo exhibitions.