25 July – 12 August 2006: Ian Wells


Gallery 1

Ian Wells’ exhibition is a collection of medium scale abstract paintings. Wells paints with soft stains, abrupt lines and polished surfaces.

By painting in the abstract Wells has captured life’s non tangibles, the experiences that can not be expressed verbally or possibly by any other media. Caught in his paintings are slivers of emotion tied to a distant memory, the beauty of something barely noticed and the strange appeal of the lopsided and awkward.

Wells’ visual perception of his subject matter is in itself an abstracted process. Visual perception is a synthesis of meaning and order from an illogical visual truth. The action of seeing is the beginning of the abstraction process.  From there Wells sifts and filters input, securing in paint the crucial information.

The resulting abstracted forms shift slightly in tone, and surfaces bump gently across the field. Each form in a painting moves slowly through the picture plane.

Ian Wells has exhibited extensively throughout Melbourne.