25 February – 14 March 2015: TomboyBill – Catty Bird Man



TomboyBill is an artist interested in exploring ideas of belonging.

Growing up in a small town in regional Victoria, Australia, she moved to Melbourne’s northern suburbs as a teen, keen to pursue her artistic dreams.

TomboyBill paints with a gentle, self-deprecating humour, exploring feelings of dislocation; longing to be somewhere else, of never quite feeling at home.

‘I think we all feel disconnected or out of place at different times during our lives. I love my gritty suburban existence, but often yearn for the simple, clean, country life…’

TomboyBill works exclusively on paper in earthy, dynamic colours with soft-flowing brush strokes, scribbles, dribbles and scratches. Each piece is personal, intimate and reflective, often populated with solitary,melancholy figures set against a stark landscape. They stare back at you, often reflecting our own hidden thoughts, unblinking.

They know what they see – it remains for you to find out.