24 May – 11 June 2005: Jane Poynter + Christine Wood – SHUSH!

Gallery 3

It’s pitch black and it’s cold. From the dunes it would be hard to work out what these two photographers are doing up to their knees, in the sea, in the middle of the night.   In between shouts and hoots of laughter a flash fires and then they run back up the beach and start the process again…

Christine and Jane are creating camera-less prints underwater. Each 8 x 10 piece of photographic paper is exposed by a large flash unit while being held just under the surface of the water. Each ‘negative’ is unique, capturing all the elements of the seashore – the motion of the waves, sand, seaweed and foam.

The works in this exhibition represent both the collaboration of the initial creative process and the different art practices of the two artists. Both artists have selected small details from the paper negatives, but have presented their pieces using very different methods.
Christine Wood’s work is a series of large photographic prints mounted on perspex. Her prints have been arranged in a grid to reflect the inherent order in nature. Colours found in nature have been used to emphasise the shapes within the originally black and white images.

Jane Poynter works with shards of glass that have monochromatic images adhered to the surface to represent the overlapping layers in nature. The transparency of the glass and the overlapping layers give a sense of the motion of water on the shore. The translucent quality of the images mirrors the transience and changeability of water and of nature itself.

Shush!    A dialogue between two photographers at red gallery.