24 March – 11 April 2004: Shelley Krycer + Julie Burke – Passenger

JulieBurke - Copy

Gallery 1

Julie Burke and Shelley Krycer are driven by process and while exploring traditions of drawing, engage in digital technology as a basis for documentation as well as a method of production.

Duration of time, change and the static all play a role in the works. Krycer and Burke screen animations side by side with accompanying digital prints and drawings. Their work shares a symbiotic relationship that observes the movement and rhythms of the accumulative and reductive processes. The works create a powerful dynamic, visually reverberating in a challenging dialogue with one another, testing the sentiments each artist has established.

Shelley Krycer

Burke’s interest in the motor vehicle as an iconic cultural device has developed into an examination of the intimacy and obsession of the process of construction and the journey.   Her work exists in a continuum that builds and rebuilds the vehicle, while a second work observes the visual information collected over the 24 hour duration of a journey – erasing only with the anticipation of starting again.

Krycers’ animation ‘plane drawing,’ oscillates fluently from beginning to end and then repeats. It never pauses and never reflects. It is joined by a series of digital print / drawings which pensively retain five separate instances. The digital prints begin with still video footage behind drawn elements and progress through the deconstruction of the animation.