23 October – 10 November 2007: Louise Saxton + Tim Craker


Gallery 3

dot-net-dot-my is the result of separate residencies undertaken by Australian artists Tim Craker and Louise Saxton in Malaysia.

Building upon their shared interests in pattern and Asian culture, both artists re-invent the net as an object that can entrap, protect, or shield. Referencing the decorative traditions of Islamic patterns and Western handiwork, dot-net-dot-my weaves together influences from salvaged and reconstructed hand embroidered table linen, mass-produced paper stencils, disposable plastic cutlery and postcards, along with Malay flora and fauna.

web saxton

Louise Saxton

Tim Craker installs the rhythmically monumental Thought Pattern, a literal net of woven plastic Chinese soup spoons and fishing line. The piece celebrates the cheap, available and disposable and gives it a new aesthetic worth. In a gentle subversion of the dictates of hyper-consumerism and a paean to the humble and domestic, the worthless and disposable are assembled into an epic net. The meditative nature of its construction is echoed by the net’s slow movement in a gentle breeze and the shifting interaction with its own shadow.

web Craker

Tim Craker

Louise Saxton has netted together a fantastical collection of insects, made by reconstructing the embroidery of others. There are 150 ‘new specimens’ in her work re-collection. Each specimen is delicately pinned to a large swathe of sheer bridal netting. The series brings together influences ranging from the domestic realm of women, the Malay flora and fauna along with the intricate world of carved decorative motifs abounding in Asian culture.

Saxton and Craker’s work provides a cultural comment on the domestic and the public, the disposable and the valuable, the familiar and the other. After showing at red gallery this exhibition will travel in expanded form to Malaysia and Singapore under sponsorship by the Australian High Commission.