23 May – 10 June 2006: Sonia Clerehan – Down to Earth

SoniaClerehanHillandDale LOWRES

Gallery 1

Sonia Clerehan’s recent work is a quiet collection of oil paintings. Each painting is an unearthing of a childhood filled with furrowed fields and cultivated hills.  The contour, structure, colour and pattern of the land is translated from an aerial view. Although void of houses, livestock and humans each image holds an indentation of labour. The sculpting and tilling of the earth by plough and plantation has been abstracted into bold and sweeping forms.

Clerehan has captured that brief moment of dusk when farmers, families and livestock have retired and the land is left in its last momentary light before darkness. down to earth has translated this moment of quiet and contemplation into a confident body of paintings.

Clerehan has exhibited throughout Melbourne since 1978. This is her first exhibition at red gallery.