23 May – 10 June 2006: Penelope Hunt – Quiet Works


Gallery 2

A collection of obscure and ambiguous photographs makes up Penelope Hunt’s latest solo exhibition quiet works. Hunt has used the camera as a drawing tool and captured transient moments and gestures. The fleeting and seemingly unimportant has been translated into digital photographs.

Each image is a rescued snippet of conversation, a moment of play or a mark on the studio wall. A sense of past and present is created in the distillation of random, sometimes chaotic ideas.

Printed on glossy paper the surface reflects the viewer. The voyeur in these fleeting moments of time becomes absorbed into the image and integrated into the work.

quiet moments is just that, a serene collection of moments suspended on paper.  Hunt has exhibits regularly in Melbourne. This is her first solo show since completing her studies at RMIT last year.