23 May – 10 June 2006: Deb Taylor – Human Error and Other Glitches


Gallery 3

These works are about things not going smoothly – the way our lives are beset by glitches, interruptions and other things out of our control. They embrace both the random and precise: lines don’t meet, spaces are mismatched. And yet despite these disjunctions, patterns seem to emerge: the repetition of shapes and lines appear code-like signifying a potential rhythm or order which is in fact random and edging towards chaos.

Patterns have had an ongoing interest for Taylor. She is intrigued with the way pattern and code is integral to digital transmission and how they surround us constantly. The optical effects created through pattern and juxtaposition of colour are also a source of interest particularly in the way an image can appear to break up, and lack clarity, until it is more closely observed.

Deb Taylor has an Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Scholarship for Emerging Victoria Artists for 2006.  She has recently been awarded an artist residency, for September 2006, at the Arthur Boyd Bundanon Studios.