23 July – 9 August 2014: Anthony Williams – Greater Fraction


In his third solo exhibition Anthony Williams explores the complexities of body image and self-perception. The notion of perfection as something ‘entirely without flaws, defects or shortcomings’ has been idealised and integrated into our media and magazines forcing the consumer to compare and question their own selves.

Utilising both painting and sculpture Williams seeks to combat this Photoshop culture by breaking down vanity and insecurity to focus on the true beauty that exists outside of perfection. In doing this Williams strives to create a series of images that evoke a greater fraction of happiness.

Working as a full time artist for the past eight years Williams has exhibited widely across Melbourne and has been short-listed for a number of art prizes. He has a diploma of fine arts from Latrobe College of Art + Design and completed a three year painting apprenticeship under the guidance of David Moore.