22 September – 9 October 2010: Judith Cobb – Flight Path


Gallery 3

In Judith Cobb’s new exhibition of small-scale oil paintings, everyday objects  take on new psychological and emotional dimensions  through the use of altered colour and perspective. As Cobb has noted, ‘Flight Pathimplements the perspective viewpoint of aerial reconnaissance; an approach, a descent or a view from above earth. The viewer’s aerial suspension gives a sense of dislocation from the original objects; mandalas of orbs, spheres, space and beyond are invoked.’

Although based on domestic, still-life  compositions, each of these lusciously painted works invites the viewer to approach the familiar with a reverence and ambiguity that facilitates the contemplation of broader landscapes.

Judith Cobb is a Melbourne based painter, photographer and theatre designer. She has a B.A. Fine Art (Painting) Honours and a M.A. Fine Art (Painting) by Research from RMIT University, Vic. Her M.A. field of study was: The Investigation of the Technical & Emotive Possibilities of Still Life Painting in a Contemporary Context.