22 October – 8 November 2008: Heather Jessup + Nikky Morgan-Smith – New Works


Nikky Morgan-Smith

Gallery 1

Recent work by emerging artist Nikky Morgan-Smith is both playful and provocative. Her work explores displacement, disassociation and disconnection with the environment and the self. Through images of abandoned tricycles, ghostly birds, rain and bathtubs she tinkers with our own childhood memories of grief and/or loneliness.

Her use of layered mixed media is complex and thorough and the paint is applied thickly and gesturely. Morgan-Smith’s work is riddled with a touching visual poetry.


Heather Jessup

Heather Jessup has used collage as a device to reconstruct a landscape and the idea of home.

A consideration of place and travel inspires these mixed media works and each picture invites the viewer to imagine their own story or narrative.

Jessup works with the notion of a landscape being scarred by layers of multiple memories of homes and lives lived. Her collages have a visual poetry of their own.

Heather Jessup grew up in Northern NSW, and is a graduate of the visual arts program at Southern Cross University.