22 March – 9 April 2005: John Quirk, Helen Cahun + Tim Voight – STICK


Gallery 2

Vessel of violence, toaster of marshmallows and nemesis of gravity… stick has many faces and many applications.

The work of these three artists explore various aspects of stick while remaining unified and harmonised by a conceptual and physical base.

Helen Cahun has a fascination with nature’s cast offs… reinterpreting and bringing definition to the detritus.  Her trinity of sculptures constructed largely from a palette of sticks features symbols presented on a spiritual platform aiming to create an environment of reflection, contemplation and repose.

In contrast, John Quirk is interested in exploring the human journey, where human vulnerability highlights both fragility and beauty.  In the torso images, stick enables construction of paintings and photographs which are etched with the marks of time.

Tim Voight’s focus is on stick as adhesion.  The wax nodules protruding from Voight’s sculptural pieces reflect the feeble attempts to resist decay.  Stick can be fluid and temporary, requiring renewal and cultivation.  The wax layers remain removable and malleable, changing as interactions with the surface modify the landscape.