22 March – 9 April 2005: Caroline Carruthers – What Lies Beneath


Gallery 3

Ours is a culture based on show and appearance.  We move through life constructing and abandoning various facades as we go…  projecting an attractive face, while hiding those traits that are considered less appealing.

As the layers build up, what gets buried?  This is what interests Caroline Carruthers who constructs her own surfaces with an eye on the way we construct our public selves.   “The depth of the tissue layers is sometimes only a single layer and other times up to five or six which again references how deeply we bury different things.”

Resembling a cross section through geological strata these works are an exploration of surface and subterrain.  Utilising acrylic and collage on canvas Carruthers incorporates tissue, frayed fabric threads, sticky labels and candy wrappers into her work.  The result is a body of work that is both colourful and abstract.