22 January – 6 February 2010: Midsumma


TransMasculinities Curated by Jesslyn Moss

This major Midsumma Visual Arts exhibition  features photography, painting, drawing and video by nine artists from around Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States whose works focus on female-to-male transitioning. Curated by artist Jesslyn Moss, the exhibition explores new models of masculinity and offers rare insights into the physical and psychological aspects of transgender butch, gender queer and trans-masculine experiences.The artists in TransMasculinities re-negotiate their own and their audiences’ relationship to identity. There are in these works multiple, shifting and fluid masculinities. The artists and their subjects do not raise claim to essentialist masculinity but rather show openness to representation whereby identity is personal and unique. TransMasculinitiesinvites the viewer to consider gender variance beyond the monolithic models traditionally presented to us’. Lucy Elliot, extract from catalogue essay, 2009.  

L. Weingarten (St. Louis USA)

Aiden Simon (Baltimore USA)

Amos Mac (USA) 

Gabriel M Thomson (Castlemaine VIC)

melly niotakis (Qld)

Jacqui Brown (Melbourne)

Claire Henry (UK)

Jesslyn Moss (Melbourne)

Rohan Spong (Melbourne)