22 February – 12 March: Ian Westwood – Metropolis


Ian Westwood has a knack for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Road detritus, antique printing blocks, and Corflute signage unite in an explosion of colour and careful composition that set up a metaphorical and literal investigation into our ever changing skyline…why didn’t we see the signs?

Assemblages of bygone factory silhouettes contrast with sharp, contemporary city towers made of beautifully crafted timber printing blocks and with titles like Trump Tower and Broady Ford Factory, Westwood is not shy of politicising his observations. These works are an obvious lament to the lost trades of the past and an acknowledgement that at street level there are lost skills, communities and jobs.

Westwood is a sculptor and mixed media artist who has been practicing for over 20 years and appears in collections all over Australia.