22 February – 12 March: Alan McGregor – Echte Welt


“I have always been fascinated by the reproduction of images, both mechanical and digital, and the power and influence they exert over all of us.”

Alan McGregor takes an experimental approach to ideas, images and pictorial reproduction. Gathering quite disparate found print images he manipulates them with other components, and makes physical and sometimes digital interventions until he arrives at the desired ‘reality’.

Images and the way they are presented and reproduced can carry with them a diversity of inescapable techno-socio-political contexts. Images, like language are a kind of communicative commodity that can be manipulated to serve an infinite variety of purposes and this collection of collages and paintings do just that.

McGregor’s imagery references a dark  Euro-centric iconography with influences and ideas reaching back as far as the early Dada period. His work is held in private collections in Australia and UK.