21 March – 8 April 2006: Natalie Jeffcott – Places


Gallery 1

Places is a photographic collection of randomly encountered places such as walls, steps, doors and objects.  Jeffcott continually wanders the urban landscape capturing the changing environment.

Using the found street environ she constructs images like a plein air painter. By focussing on the colour, design and shape of the street scape, no one object is given priority, rather each element and line completes the picture. A wall of red bricks is given equal weighting to a stack of leaning black tyres which then relies on a line of grey concrete to complete the image.

Places consists of ten large scale digital prints.  The exhibition is a transformation of the three dimensional into a flattened plane where the inherent line and colour of an object is more important than the object itself.

Since graduating with a Fine Arts degree from RMIT, Jeffcott has travelled extensively overseas with her camera.