21 July – 7 August 2010: Simon Finn – Drawn to Motion



Gallery 2

Drawn to Motion¬†features Simon Finn’s latest series of intricate charcoal on paper drawings. Many of these drawings are arranged in progressive sequences that give the effect of accumulated movement over time, like the rendition of motion in comic books or stop-motion animations.¬†The exhibition resembles a series of highly detailed frames pulled from a larger movie; the drawings unfold and reveal a sense of kinesis through sequenced narrative progression.

As Simon notes, ‘These works are an investigation into what the presentation of drawings sequentially can reveal about the systems that allow us to maintain a map of the world in motion. The drawing process stems from a life-long fascination with the moving image and the construction of graphic novels.’

Simon Finn is a Melbourne-based artist who is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts. He is also a lecturer of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment students with majors in Animation and Games Design and has exhibited nationally in group and solo exhibitions.