21 July – 7 August 2010: Robyn Emerson – Encaustic Works


Gallery 1

This exhibition of large-scale encaustic paintings continues Robyn Emerson’s explorations into the emotional and spiritual aspects of physical places. Although many of her new works are inspired by actual Australian environments, as Robyn notes, ‘these paintings are primarily a visual response to the more intangible aspects of experience, memories, reflections and realities.  Although they could be called landscapes in some respects, they are more subconscious explorations of the inner world.’

In the encaustic process, Robyn builds up the surfaces of her images using multiple layers of colour pigment and wax, as well as fragments of organic materials. Each of the  complex, richly textured layers is like a filament of time preserved onto the canvas, making visible, in Robert Bresson’s words, ‘what hasn’t yet been seen’. 

Robyn Emerson is an established Melbourne painter. Her works are included in numerous private collections in Australia.