21 July – 7 August 2010: Caroline Phillips + Samantha Scott – Hide and Seek


Gallery 3

red gallery and Craft Victoria are proud to present Hide and Seek, a Craft Cubed Satellite event by Caroline Phillips and Samantha Scott. Hide and Seek references the ways in which children construct, collect, covet, form boundaries and create order through play. Scott and Phillips view these elements as crucial to the development of self and cultural identity and the formation of societal connections.

In her use of biological materials such as human hair and plant specimens, Samantha Scott draws attention to conceptual and visual similarities between the structure of human and non-human life forms. Conversely, Caroline Phillips exploits pre-fabricated, synthetic and industrial materials to construct sculptural installations from recycled elements. The installation and sculptural works in this exhibition also reflect upon the use of imaginative play as a physical means of dissecting and digesting emotional life experiences.

Caroline Phillips and Samantha Scott are Melbourne-based artists whose practices explore aspects of materiality through process-based methods. Hide and Seek is their first collaborative project together.

Hide and Seek is A Craft Cubed Satellite Event