21 August – 8 September 2007: Rebecca Jones – Depth


Gallery 1

Rebecca Jones recently completed a City of Yarra artist residency Capturing Life at the Fitzroy Pool.

The resulting body of work depth investigates the lone lap swimmer. Back and forth, back and forth the swimmer drops into an alternate zone where breath and stroke merge into counted laps and calculated kilometres. Beneath the flurry of physical activity, Jones has captured still moments from the bottom of the pool. The thick water encases the vulnerable swimmer in a soundless void.


Encapsulated bodies float through gallery one, suspended in brief moments between calculations and breath. Jones’ adept use of charcoal barely contains the exposed bodies as shaded edges reach into the expanse of white paper.

Rebecca Jones completed a Batchelor of Fine Arts at the University of South Australia. She is represented in collections in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. This is her first solo exhibition at red gallery.