20 September – 08 October: Robert Babic – TRACES OF CADMIUM: studio interiors


The artist’s studio is a place of contemplation, transmutation and breakthrough. It is also a place of struggle, doubt and perseverance. Melbourne based artist, Robert Babic, sees his studio not only as a kind of alchemist’s cell that deals with transmutation but also as a kind of secular chapel that provides relief from the stresses of everyday life in this rapidly changing, technologically driven world.

Able to render the interior of his studio as though it were Paris, circa La Belle Époque, Babic aims to convey some of the beauty and warmth that he experiences while at work in his Clifton Hill space; most of the art works in the exhibition feature a red-toned ground and include cadmium colours which are known for their opacity, but also for their warmth.

This exhibition – which includes works done in oil, oil pastel, gouache and ink – is thus a celebration of the feted artist’s studio as a source of both inspiration and choreography.