20 October – 7 November 2004: A Bug In A Bottle


Hugit Rubinstein + Katherine Taylor

Fresh and vivid impressions of a new country, and a new environment, was the inspiration for these two artists.  Their recent arrival to Australia providing the impetus for a study of nature and cultural context.   The resulting exhibition is a collaboration between sculpture and painting, each form challenging the artist’s perceptions and translation of their experiences and impressions.


Katherine Taylor

Katherine Taylor – USA:  Katherine’s work takes her life experiences and captures them in sculpture.  She does this in such a way that moments are not just of themselves, but recombined to create entirely new points in time. This gives the sculptural works their own time and space, and enables the viewer to experience the sculptures free from their origin.

The materials are a vehicle for the idea and can vary from the natural to unnatural, challenging what is made by the artist versus nature’s manifestations.


Hugit Rubinstein

 Hugit Rubinstein – Israel:  Painting on the reversed side of perspex sheets, Rubinstein’s images act as mirrors. Trapping the viewers’ act of looking by including their reflection in the painting, the viewer becomes aware of their own ‘looking’.   “Throughout this process I became intrigued by the act of looking as opposed to seeing, and how I create systems of order that allow me to give meaning to my surroundings. These systems enable me to connect to my new surroundings, by creating a familiarity based on comparing my new environment to the one I had left behind.   I highly suspect this system as it contributes to the inability to experience things for what they are, and is distorted by the subjective matter I bring with me. This conflict is the point of tension in my work”.

Taylor’s sculptural pieces and Rubinstein’s paintings sit well together.  The contrast in materials and imagery creates a tension that is an entity of its own.