20 July – 06 August: All Teeth and Swagger – a show about dogs


To the heavyweights, their collectors, and to us, hounds matter.

Efforts to capture the true, instinctive essence of our herdists and hunters form ALL TEETH AND SWAGGER – a contemporary show about predators, sooks, man-beasts, and man’s best friends.

Curated by Kim Wall, Nick Reed and ably assisted by Shirley, this group show collates the work of Jazmina CININAS, Deborah WILLIAMS, Alfred LIU, Rona GREEN, Nick HOWSON, Cezary STULGIS, Tomboy BILL, Elizabeth FAUL, Ginny Grayson, Kim HATCHER, Sarina LIROSI, Helen KOCIS EDWARDS, Steve MAY, Gwen SCOTT, Annie ROSE, Sharron OKINES, Richard COLLINS, Pru HANLEY, Sabina SAGIN, Craig DANIELS, Brenda WALSH, Mary GRAY, Barbara BOLT

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