20 August – 6 September 2008: Chris Wootton – Bent Narratives


A traditional craft, basket weaving is symbolic of another: storytelling. Wootton brings both into the realm of contemporary art through her woven wire sculptures. In this modern era the wire conjures the mesh of the world wide web and electronic media- tools of storytelling in the 21st century.

Wootton’s sculptures seek to function as a conduit between the stories in the mind of the artist and those of the viewer:

“There is the narrative going on in my head as I make the work, the narrative of the construction itself and the narrative created in the viewer’s mind. When looking at the pieces, the eye is drawn from one end through to the other, akin to current passing through the wires. A tale may be a self-contained segment of a longer story; so too the wires protruding from each end of the sculptures may suggest links to a larger entity.”

CW_black holes II

Each work gives the impression of frozen movement, a brief snap of a wider gesture. Viewers are invited to imagine their own narrative, is it an animal, a futuristic structure or even a swirl of air or water?