20 August – 6 September 2008: Ashlee Laing – belt | flog | hit | punch | whip | tickle


“These marks are made by the use of hybrid instruments that I have created based upon what peoplehit each other with.”

The impetus for Ashlee Laing’s new work is derived from an interest relating to mark making on the body.  These works are experimental in the way in which they are created with reference to gestural abstraction. The psychology behind the works is that of re-enacting the act, and visual outcome, of violence and punishment.

“The works are belted, flogged, hit, punched, whipped, kicked and tickled using aestheticized objects that I have created and have exhibited with the work. It was intended that each work be created using only one of the objects I had made, but whilst working with them the process has developed and hence presented alternative possible outcomes. When working on a painting I use a variety of similar techniques- velocity, puissance- that one may use to mark the body.”

Laing has exhibited in group and solo shows nationally and held a solo exhibition in Korea.