2 October – 20 October 2007: Benjamin Champion – Velocity

Champion installation 1

Gallery 3

If a photograph was taken every one tenth of a second, then a day would be made up of 864 000 photographs. How many of these photographs would be remembered? Each photograph would have no meaning without the context of the photographs before and the photographs after. Each snapshot would be a brief experience of reality, where all moments are equal. A light shifting of the head, the passing of a light, many of the images would be blurred and distorted to the point of abstraction.

Through the medium of painting Benjamin Champion has explored this concept further. velocity is a group of seven works that explore the human impossibility of inhabiting the present moment. Each image is a brief one tenth of a moment, suspended out of context without the moments before nor the moments after.

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These moments emerge from each carefully rendered canvas to evoke a sense of the fleeting, and remind us of the abstract nature of time.

Champion graduated from RMIT in 2000. This is his first solo exhibition at red gallery.