2 October – 20 October 2007: Anke Stäcker – transitory

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Gallery 2

Anke Stäcker’s photographic works investigate and record the changing urban environment.transitory explores the ephemeral nature of places and buildings which are then translated into abstract patterns. Sections of wall, corrugated iron and abandoned structures weave together fragments of history.

While the photographed image remains as a form of truth, Stäcker has lightly left her presence in each image by delicately manipulating the production process. Invisible light sources add subtle changes, a coloured flash inundates the subject or coloured paper bounces off the lens. The result is a body of work that traces beauty in the neglected, the overlooked and the derelict in the urban landscape through the subjective view of the artist.

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Anke Stäcker is a Sydney based photographic artist. In 1988 she immigrated to Australia form Germany. She completed a master of Visual Arts at the Sydney College of the Arts in 2000. This is her third solo exhibition in Victoria.