2 May – 20 May 2006: Siobhan Punshon – Ex-Quixotic


Gallery 3

Victoria’s coastline is littered with shipwrecks from a time before adequate shipping charts and navigation equipment.  Stories of sunken treasure, survival and loss, are part of what makes the sea a place of mystery and danger.

Siobhan Punshon is interested in the connection between the romance of the sea, and the practical aspects of navigation.  A shipping chart defines what lies beneath the waters surface. It contains information regarding depth of water, beacons, wrecks, marine parks and hazards that can neither be clearly defined, nor seen from water level.    Punshon takes elements of these charts and superimposes weather maps and other coded documents to create her own dramatic yet un-navigable adventure maps.  The final works are a composite of codes, icons and warnings.


Based on old shipping charts of Port Philip Bay and the Victorian coastline, Punshon lives and plots on the Victorian coast, and navigates from Sorrento and Portsea to Queenscliffe.