2 May – 20 May 2006: Daniel Dorrall – Corridor


Gallery 2

Daniel Dorall’s 3 dimensional mazes are full of murder, mahem and mischief. Like characters in a short story, the viewer can follow the drama played out by the tiny figures, but the narrative is often irrational.

Drawing on his skills as an architect, Dorall has constructed this curious collection of miniature mazes from cardboard, hydrocryl, plastic and synthetic grass. Corridor is Alice in Wonderland’s alternate universe, and each meticulously constructed maze is a choose your own misadventure.

As the viewer takes a voyeuristic aerial peek into Dorall’s mini world, figures conspire against each other.  Characters are constrained by the space in which they reside, and the proliferation of dead-ends adds a sense of anxiety and isolation.

It’s an eclectic combination of bizarre events leading to many an untimely demise. However amongst the confusion of pathways and claustrophobic walls can be found humorous and poignant moments.

Daniel Dorall was born in Malaysia. He studied architecture at both the University of Malaya and Melbourne University.  He graduated in 2005 and now lives and works in Melbourne.