2 – 19 September: Alice Blackley – Thinking About Making Art And Making Art About Thinking (Mindfulness in Painting)


Alice Blackley, Focus on Being in the Present Moment, 2015, mixed medium, 38x26cm

Alice Blackley, Stay in the Moment, 2015, mixed medium, 38x26cm

Historically, the shape of a circle represents eternity. For Melbourne based artist Alice Blackley it represents wholeness. “I use the circle as my symbol for an empty mind whilst meditating. I write the word ‘focus’ inside the circle as a form of mantra.”

Using a technique that she has refined over the number of years the text is written in a way to create volume, the sense of which is enhanced with a final touch of airbrushing adding a three dimensional effect. Her aim is to express the concept of mindfulness in the form of meditation.

“My work is visceral and as a contrast to the detailed aspect, I use a lightheartedness, almost primitive script to express the context of the work. This creates a tightness and a loose tension which is ultimately a reflection of my character.”

Blackley has a Masters of Arts from Goldsmiths College, London. She has exhibited extensively in New Zealand in both solo and group shows. This is her first Melbourne exhibition.