2 – 19 September 2015: Melanie Lazarow – Shattered


Melanie Lazarow, Shattered 1, giclee print, 42 x 23.6cm

Melanie Lazarow, Shattered 1, giclee print, 42 x 23.6cm

Melanie Lazarow’s respect and admiration for those who collectively gather and protest is examined with 28 rich photographs of protesters projected and shattered by light on rich paper.

“I love the large bottle used as the shattering medium which is curiously interesting […]. Scientists and opticians have used glass to bend light to clarify seeing. ”

Time past in time present, the glowing figures are caught spectre-like in the bottle, or on the wall, speak to the past forever lost and a new present always being forged. The image is only of this moment, the spectre haunts.

Lazarow’s work references Karl Marx’s spectre of communism, haunting Europe (which now haunts the world). Nearly 200 years after his death we either privatise and continue having a world of immense wealth held in the withered hands of so few, or the many who come out every day to say no climate destruction, equal rights for homosexuals and fair treatment of refugees.

“I am looking at the bottle. Do I want it shattered?  It is humanity’s actions that will shape the final storyboard. In this exhibition I am sumptuously enjoying the march.”

Lazarow has recently graduated from the VCA with a Master of Contemporary Art, First Class Honours, and is presently working at River Studios, Creative Spaces run by the City of Melbourne. She actively participates in protests.



Melanie Lazarow is supported by Creative Spaces, City of Melbourne

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