19 October – 5 November 2011: Helen Kocis-Edwards – Apple on a Stick


Gallery 3

Apple on a Stick is an exploration of childhood clapping games using combinations of drawing, video and animation.

Clapping games are played in the school yard and beyond. By an informal process they are passed from child to child and generation to generation, mostly between girls. Some songs alter as they are passed-on, like Chinese whispers. Others are new and appear from an unknown origin. They consist of songs accompanied by clapping rhythms or actions performed with a partner or in groups.

What are these songs about? Are they trivial prattle or do they reveal something about childhood, gender roles and contemporary culture? Do they reflect the cultural background or social context in which a child belongs?

This exhibition will provide an opportunity to collect, document and interpret visually a selection of these organic, physical, musical and cultural human interactions.