19 October – 5 November 2011: Fleur Summers – Landslide


Gallery 1

Landslide presents a study of the natural world and explores geological time and process. Each of the works attempts to reconfigure the landscape physically and metaphorically by challenging the viewers’ conceptions of space. These works on canvas present a potential future or past in which the sense of how we perceive landscape spatially is radically altered yet retains its formal integrity.

Using a reductive method of representation I have condensed the landscape to a series of linear ‘marks’. A sense of materiality is retained by making these lines with tiny hand cut slivers of archival brown paper tape. The silhouetted figures contextualise scale and matter as they propel themselves through space. They reconfigure the landscape physically and contextually to create a new and surreal narrative structure in which the viewer can explore ideas of the environment and our place in it.