19 May – 5 June 2010: Sarah Gully – Friends and Parasites


Gallery 1

New Miniatures and Curiosities

For her new solo exhibition at red gallery, Sarah Gully presents her latest collection of drawings and miniature oil paintings that draw upon multiple influences. For this series, Sarah has taken inspiration from Old Master portraiture. But rather than focusing on the subject or the dark Renaissance interiors, she instead looks past the figure, past the props and drapery and out the tiny windows into the distant, often Arcadian landscapes visible far below.

Sarah’s  re-inventions of these landscape views are populated with hybrid creatures. The creatures themselves are inspired, as in her previous works, by fairytales and children’s literature.  Whilst some of these creatures delight in their solitude, others are bothered or befriended by various critters.

Each image is meticulously painted on specially prepared wood panels and worked in layers of oils and glazes.  To provide the narrative and the finishing touch for each work, the titles are  taken from some of Sarah’s favourite works of 19th century literature. Though the artist’s influences may be centuries old, the finished works are gleefully contemporary.

Sarah Gully is a Melbourne-based visual artist. Her works have been included in many group and solo exhibitions in Australia and Japan. This is her second exhibition at red gallery.

This exhibition will be opened by Dave Graney.