19 May – 5 June 2010: Dena Kahan + Peter Lambropoulos + Jan Parker – Strange Nature


Gallery 3

These three artists are connected by their ongoing interest in nature, artifice, and the complex relationship between human beings and their environment. This exhibition of new paintings and photography takes a trip into a world where the natural and artificial have seductively merged.

In Dena Kahan’s painting, 19th century glass models of plants and marine life are re-created as surreal objects, more like part of a fantastic landscape than scientific tools in a museum case.

In his studio, Peter Lambropoulos makes “unreal” worlds specifically for the camera. He does so by transforming banal everyday substances into the extraordinary. Micro-sculptures encrusted with crystals are presented as hallucinatory visions.

Jan Parker’s photographs offer viewpoints on nature and the alchemy of light. Through analogue and digital processes, she conjures up uninhabited and often myopic landscapes, cryptic in their placement but also referencing the actual work of the eye.

Together, these three artists present an oblique yet critical view of the world we inhabit — theirs is a strange nature indeed.

Dena Kahan, Peter Lambropoulos and Jan Parker’s works have been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and are included in both public and private collections in Australia and abroad. This is their first collaborative group exhibition together.

Click here to download Strange Nature exhibition catalogue (2.72MB)