18 October – 5 November 2005: Clayton Tremlett – Concrete


Gallery 2

Concrete”: Embodied in matter, having objective reality, existing in a particular reality, not abstract, denoting a thing and not a quality, state, or action.

The idea for this series emerged from the artist’s observation of barricades, concrete structures and roadwork during his daily commute.  During this time Tremlett developed a particular interest in “no go areas” with their bright markings and sense of safety and exclusion.   The symbolic significance of enclosure was a point of interest and exploration.

This series sees a return to painting for the artist, having developed an interest in stencil art which relies on defined imagery and spray enamel as its method and medium.

Capturing the essence of the fleeting moment……a glance from the window of a moving car, Tremlett contrasts the sensation and slickness of transport (symbolized by the car duco appearance of layered enamel) with the stagnancy of peeling paint surfaces symbolic of evolution and decay.

Clayton Tremlett is a Melbourne based artist.