18 June – 5 July 2008: Linda Pickering – New Work


Gallery 1

Linda Pickering’s new works review creative possibilities through the exploration of abstraction; within a finite number of basic elements there are an infinite number of possible outcomes.

Pickering initiates the work through computer design, allowing her to make quick changes and create intuitively. This contrasts with the studied evaluation required when a work is finally committed to her painting practice.

“I am interested in the creative process. Where conscious thought takes a back seat and allows intuition to take over. Ideas develop and then finally conscious effort is required to make the finished work.”

Luminous optical works, reminiscent of sixties psychedelic design are the outcome. Using retro shaped chairs as a vehicle, Pickering explores colour and pattern possibilities.

Linda Pickering completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at RMIT University and this will be her fourth solo exhibition in Melbourne.