18 August – 5 September 2004: Plastic Photo Show


Gallery 1

A photographic exhibition devoted to works created with plastic cameras and other low-tech photographic techniques. Presented by Obscurity Pictures, and hosted by red gallery. For the second year running, this show highlights artists and photographers currently using such equipment ranging from students to professional photographers. The simple-to-use cameras such as the Holga, Diana or cameras from the Lomo family often provide a welcome change from professional equipment or from the “rules” of photography taught to beginners. Many plastic cameras (called so because they are made out of plastic -including the lens!) are often uniquely deficient in quality construction resulting in light leaks, warped or blurry images and little or no shutter speed or aperture settings. Such simplicity enables the photographers to concentrate on the images rather than the camera or to simply “point and shoot”. The resulting images are often a delightful surprise with many of the image “faults” combining to create effective and truly artful images.