18 August – 5 September 2004: Nada Poljski – I’m Alright When I’m On Painkillers


Gallery 3

Toxins attack the human body. The stresses and anxiety that we as human beings struggle with affect the principal operation and function of our major vital organs. The heart, kidneys, lungs, intestines and the liver are entities that work together to keep the body alive regardless of the way we treat them. They form their own environment internally and together these separate forms work as a mechanical unit.

Melbourne based printmaker, Nada Poljski, is intrigued by the body’s ability to survive, despite the attacks it constantly receives. For this exhibition, Poljski has created and assembled cut-out figures, printed so that each specific organ is highlighted against a backdrop of text identifying relevant medical terms and conditions. These works are quirky… and spark memories of crusty teachers in dusty science labs…but there is a serious message here. As layered objects, one may contemplate the extremities of our existence and consider the conditions that surface as a result of environmental, emotional and physical stresses. How we choose to treat such conditions becomes a question of ethics and mortality.