18 August – 5 September 2004: Fiona Lawry – Digital Paradise


Gallery 2

Intricately painted Chinese screens, tiles on the exterior of shop-houses, a grid of green plastic bowls full of steaming soup and ancient charcoal drawings on a temple wall are the visual material that has inspired Fiona Lawry’s most recent body of work, Digital Paradise.

Digital Paradise is computer generated and includes elements constructed using graphic 3D technology.   Presented on canvas and as editioned prints on paper, these works explore pattern, colour, repetition and symmetry.

The source imagery for this work comes from Lawry’s recent travels in South East Asia. “Being an artist and tourist in a warm and exotic country allowed me the time to leave myself behind and really look. When traveling, every day, every moment and every sight are new and stimulating­ – creating an opportunity for the consciousness to come fully into the present. Being a tourist provided the luxury of time to stare at the sky and to observe the beauty in everyday things.”

Fiona Lawry originally trained as a printmaker and has been a practicing artist for over 15 years utilising print, drawing, photography and installation as her various mediums. More recent training in electronic design has given her work a sharper digital focus and allowed her to more seamlessly construct her collaged narratives in more sophisticated ways.