17 May – 13 June 2004: Leah Davidson – Still Life


Gallery 3

Leah Davidson’s photographs evoke a sense of calm and empathy.  These photographic images, all of an aged woman who appears to be sleeping in her bed, have a sense of quiet about them, to the point where you feel as if you should tip-toe around the works.

The woman in the photograph is almost life size, but look a little closer.  The quirky scale relationships between subject and background is unsettling.   Utilising familiar scenes from the domestic environment and drawing on memory, Davidson continues her investigation into the effect of representation.

Born in Maryland USA, Leah Davidson has been a resident of Australia since 1998. Prior to immigrating to Australia, Leah studied Fine Art at Ohio State University and the Glasgow School of Art. In 2001, she completed her Graduate Diploma of Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts. Leah has exhibited her work extensively in galleries and museums throughout the US and Australia, and has received many awards for her sculpture and photography. In 2001, Leah was awarded the prestigious $10,000 ANZ Art Fellowship Award and her work exists in many public and private collections, including that of the Victorian College of the Arts.