17 May – 04 June: In the Creases of Time


The short days of winter are upon us – room for pause, and contemplation of the seeming diminishment of time. And of materiality, well-being and decay…

In the artists’ own words:

Hilary Dodd’s abstracted forms linger behind the veil their constructed surfaces, shrouded and immobile. We are seductively reminded of the delicate yet brutal nature of time. The only deposition that remains is the tailings left in its wake. Dodd presents us with metaphors that remind us of transience and rest-serenity and unrest. This duplicity is suggestive of the unstable core that harbours in all of us.

We are soft, but so is our world. As an artist, I-Yen Chen is taken and moved by both the fragility of lives and the instability of environmental surrounds – neither eternal nor objective, but a reflection of people’s memories and dreams. Her most recent ceramic installation series “The Shell of Ashes” offers an interpretation of how we see the boundaries of existence and the ephemeral. Post-existence, the trace can be collected. After all, we are all the shells of ashes…

As time passes we may encapsulate memories, only withholding a snapshot of that reality. Perhaps history is a dynamic space, coming and going, disappearing and resurfacing. Yumemi Hiraki uses installations to retrace and re-examine her spatial map of memories and place. Using emotion as her narrative to connect the gaps, she attempts to illustrate her imagery as tactile and tangible representations of her personal landscape. Hiraki’s practice invites viewers into her dreamscape, and in turn offers a space to reflect on one’s ties to their history, their own story.

The disparate recordings of Yoni Bresley and Scott Newton sync of their own accord, and simultaneously fill the gallery space. Unconnected yet interlinked, audiences encounter peculiar detachments of various sounds and frequencies as they pass through In the Creases of Time.

Yoni Bresley performed a live set as part of this exhibition, with open bar on Sunday 28th May, 3.30-4.30pm