17 May – 04 June: Alfred Liu – Far Away and Close To Home


Sleeping roll, thermos, map, magic sword, and bottled djinn. I lie on my back and think of where the journey would take me this time. 

Spending some of my childhood in China before coming back to Australia, I lived with my grandma who doesn’t speak English and myself, only a little bit more.

My mind begins to wander, seeing distant lands with familiar objects. 

I found refuge in the screen, it felt like being in three worlds at the same time. In Alfred Liu’s first solo show of stunning pencil and wash works, the borders of the three worlds are blurred. He puts on the page what he sees and loves in Australia, with elements of Science Fiction and the fantastic, and the romanticism of the East. The results are peculiarly calming and esoteric motifs; superb, accessible works on paper.