17 April – May 5 2007: Violeta Capovska – Lustre


Gallery 3

Lustre is a physically soft and ghostly encounter. Inspired by a desire to reconnect with the lost tradition of craft making among the women in her family, Violeta Capovska  has embarked on an historical voyage with a needle and thread.

Capovska’s meditative image making process is reflected in the thousands of hand sewn beads linking and embellishing relationships between female members of her family. Through silk dress cut outs Capovska has made a large number of gowns that earily hang through the space.

The gown appears in all shapes and sizes, suggesting different metaphors. The gown is seen as a symbol for Mother, the mother who nurtures, the mother who gives life and also who takes away. Smaller works are inscribed with hand printed Cyrillic script, nursing pads are embroidered and beaded to resemble traditional Macedonian aesthetics.

Violeta Capovska completed her MA at RMIT in 1995. Since then she has exhibited extensively through eastern europe. She has recently returned to Melbourne to continue her arts practice.