17 April – May 5 2007: Jarrad Stevenson – RED ALL OVER


Gallery 1

RED ALL OVER is an exploration of the European relationship with the natural environment. Stevenson draws his inspiration from Australian history, particularly that which relates to the geography and rural culture of his birthplace in the New England highlands.

Through the lost wax casting process Stevenson has captured the tumultuous energy of a Victorian bush fire. Twisted and stormed forms intimately collapse against each other from the energy of a fire front. A rusted and scorched earth lies flat beneath, dry and unyielding to the flayed organic forms above.

For all its energy RED ALL OVER is a quiet exhibition of perceptive works. Stevenson has immaculately edited the work, casting aside all excess information and leaving the viewer with a series of fundamental forms. The result is a subtle reminder of the roots of white Australia. The work reveals the catastrophic effect when inhabitants disrespect the land.

Jarrad Stevenson graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001. He currently works at the Bill Perrin Foundry. This is his second solo exhibition at red gallery.